Monday, July 30, 2012

Highlights + Bites: Week of 7.23.12

1. kicked it with this really ferocious pit bull
2. grilled pizza, and realized it isn't too awful that the oven's still broken
3. made pancakes that actually resemble pancakes (used 1/2 Pure Pantry buckwheat baking mix + 1/2 Maple Grove Farms pancake mix; both gluten free)
4. watched this storm roll in, then roll right back out
5. celebrated a very special 25th birthday at Pilot House. candles in prime rib > candles in cake
6. re-discovered stir-fry as a weeknight dinner (sauce: thai chili sauce, GF soy sauce, sesame oil, black + white sesame seeds)

Later this week: eggplant 'pizza' recipe!


  1. candles in steak? freaking EXCELLENT. looks like a great week :)
    really loving the sidebar re-design, by the way.

    1. i know right?! i may never need cake again. and hello! so gluten free.

      so thrilled you like the re-design! it was a fun little project.


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