Monday, September 24, 2012

Highlights + Bites: Charleston, SC

1. doubtfully followed Pat through a not-so-nice area of Charleston,  but ended up at Taco Boy - my new favorite Mexican restaurant and a sure contender for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
2. spent the whole weekend as a family, and kept sibling-brawling to a minimum
3. discovered the most PERFECT gift - a whisk stand - at South of Market
4. lunched at the Charleston Farmer's Market: 5-spice tofu taco (on gluten free corn tortillas) with  beet, apple, carrot + cucumber juice
5. took advantage of complementary happy hour + a view at The Harbourview Inn
6. also at happy hour: tossed grapes up to the seagulls and watched them drop the grapes over pedestrians a few feet later (real mature, dad)

Not pictured, and the best part of the weekend: Waking up at 8/8:30 every morning and having coffee + hard boiled eggs in bed. I think I'm over sleeping late on vacation - could this mean I'm getting old or something? Eh, doubtful. (See #6.)

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  1. That truly was a perfect weekend - well - except for the trek through unknow territory to get to Taco Boy. and breakfast was topped by happy hour everyday - heh - where did all the little egg cups go???


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