Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gluten Sucks, This Doesn't: San-J Gluten Free Soy Sauce Packets

Why So Obsessed?

What are the chances the next sushi place you swing by will have a bottle of gluten free soy sauce? Exactly. There are better odds for, say, snagging a cab at 6 PM in the pouring rain when you’re already running late.

That’s precisely why I always have a little baggie of these gluten free soy sauce packets floating around in my purse. In fact, last time I checked, I was toting around 18 of them. Bear in mind this is completely unnecessary, as 2 packets should be just fine if you’re having 2-3 sushi rolls.

So Where Can I Get It?

I order a box of 200 packets for $23.08 from Amazon – the link below is the cheapest I’ve found them, and then I have plenty to stash anywhere and everywhere. If you don’t want to commit to 200, you can also purchase directly from San-J’s website, which offers 20 packs for $4.19. (Shipping is ~$10 to NYC, though, so you may still be better off going through Amazon.)

Amazon: 200 packets
San-J Website: 20 packets

Disclaimer: This post has no affiliation with San-J. All opinions are my own.


  1. Just wait til you try ;)

    - Crystal

    1. Looking forward to it! Can I order online or is it in-store only?

  2. Let me see your sushi roll might be my favorite new song!


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