Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Highlights + Bites: Newport

1. stayed at the beautiful Hotel Viking (thanks Mom!)
2. drank beer in a bar - normal things. (Brick Alley Pub also has a gluten free menu if you're ever in the area)
3. ate fresh-shucked oysters all day everyday (guy on the left is feelin' it.)
4. stopped by Rhode Island's version of Tu-Lu's - Eva Ruth's. Everything is gluten free AND ridiculously amazing; the pumpkin whoopie pie + caramel apple cupcake being our favorites (gluten eater approved!)
5. explored Newport by Jeep and stumbled upon Ocean Drive - the most scenic 10 miles either of us have ever set wheels on.
6. goofed off on The Breakers mansion tour, except for the kitchen part. Which was taken very, very seriously. That's one big cast-iron stovetop in the back!

Verdict: mark my words - we will be back to Newport. There are just too many pretty little roads to get lost on for one weekend. And food-wise, it was far easier to avoid gluten than to avoid lobster and shrimp, which I suppose is to be expected in a seafood town. Big thank you to Taryn (@littlewhirl) for more gluten free recommendations than we could even get to! Just another reason to return...

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