Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gluten Free; Will Stop for Posters

Man, I just love me some New Jersey sometimes. I had the most lovely weekend at home celebrating my dad's birthday (and getting out-partied by a bunch of 50-somethings) on Saturday, then adventuring on Sunday with the family. 

We spent the beautiful afternoon walking the trails at Natirar Park (where I creeped on any and every dog in sight, as usual). That was followed by a slow, scenic drive through the hills, and then.... and then... that PINK. POSTER-BOARD. One illegal u-turn later we were parked at Paesan's Pizzeria in Chester, NJ. Excellent life decision, as it turns out. They have a crazy-big gluten free menu (written on poster-board, of course) with everything from lasagna to stuffed shells. 

The owner completely sold me on the pizza, though, which is made on a gluten free crust shipped in from Staten Island. Holy moly. I don't have to tell you it was good - just look at those pictures. I wolfed all but two slices, which slid into a to-go box. And then were promptly devoured as soon as we got in the car. Who am I kidding, really? I also snagged a box of gluten free fettucine straight off the boat from Italy. (If you haven't learned yet, Italians know what's UP when it comes to gluten free pasta. And all pasta, I guess.)

Paesan's doesn't seem to have a website, but there's some location/contact info here. Worth a stop if you happen to be in the Chester, NJ area!

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