Monday, July 1, 2013

Stalk Me & Eat Your Face Off at the GFAF Expo

G-free minions, mark your calendars: on September 7th and 8th the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo is coming to Secaucus, NJ! What does this mean, you ask? The ENTIRE Meadowlands Expo Center will be filled to the brim with gluten/allergen free food, vendor swag, bloggers, drinks, authors, cooking classes, and people with more allergies than you. (Where my shrimp and peanut avoiders at?!)

For an event of this size, I was pleasantly surprised to find the tickets very reasonably priced. (Especially since gluten free anything typically costs an arm and a leg and a first-born child.) A general admission ticket for Saturday will run you $20, and for $30 you can use your pass for both days. (Unless I'm wrongfully assuming you're all above the age of 12 - in which case, you young lad, can snag a child's ticket for $5.)

Tickets to the GFAF Expo in NJ: Click Here then select 'Tickets' tab

I'm 99% sure I'll be eating more than $20 worth of food samples on Saturday alone. Well worth it.

A ticket will also grant you access to any of the 5 classes happening each day. To check out the lineup, click here then select the 'Classes' tab. I'm hoping to make it to Silvana's class at 10 AM, because she is AWESOME, and the handmade gluten free pasta class at 4 PM, because pasta.

So I'll see you there, I hope? If you have any trouble finding me, I'll probably be the tall lanky one walking around like this:

Disclosure: The GFAF Expo is kindly sending me to the expo free of charge as an Official Expo  Blogger. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram on Sept. 7th (and maybe 8th) for updates from the Expo!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you there!!

    1. is it painfully obvious that i'm awful at checking my comments? haha can't wait to see you Amie!! Now we're nothin' but a few weeks away :)


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