Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Beetnik Grass-Fed Steaks


There, got your attention. (And probably some unwanted, PG-13 Google-search attention. Compromises.)

A few months ago I introduced you to a company called Beetnik, and shared my new-found appreciation for grass-fed beef. More on that here, if you'd like a refresher.

Well, Beetnik has decided to be all awesome and send one of you eight 4-ounce, grass-fed tenderloins. Eight steaks. For free. At your doorstep. 

And all you have to do to enter is like them on Facebook! If I got a free steak every time I liked something on Facebook I'd be liking EVERY BAD BITCH ON THERE. After liking Beetnik, you can also earn extra entries by stalking me all over the Internet. It's fun, promise.

a Rafflecopter giveaway PS. HIGHLY recommend you make the horseradish chimichurri you see in the photos. If you're  not lucky enough to slather it on some free steak, a spoon will do. It's that good. You can find the recipe here


  1. thanks for this opportunity!! so excited! Saw it on tumblr and drool over the chimichurri! haha

    1. umm trust me I'd keep the prize if I could ;) Thanks for entering! and pleeeeease make the chimichurri. It's ridiculous.


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