Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That Time I Ate Gluten Free Lasagna in an Otherwise Normal Restaurant.

Last week I ate dinner at Tommy Lasagna

And I'm still full. 

Okay I'm full-ish. You'll catch my drift after you see the HEAPS of gluten free food that I ushered straight to my face. It was a very pretty sight, especially when everyone at the table requested to be rolled home at the end of the meal. (No one would roll me so I ended up having to walk. Which is probably for the better.)

This zillion-course feast was a blogger's dinner that Chef Tommy Mosera (yes, Tommy as in Tommy Lasagna) pulled together to celebrate the launch of the restaurant's new gluten free menu. And boy, does this guy know what he's doing. Not only did he ensure the wine was gluten free, but he made quick accommodations when we threw out a flurry of additional food restrictions (lobster, shrimp, and peanuts for this girl). Everyone ate, and no one died. I think.

Ready for the food? Brace yourself. There's a LOT of fresh gluten free pasta. It's a real thing, I promise. (A real thing that the restaurant spent 6 months developing! Legit.)

1. gluten free flatbread/focaccia (made with Cup4Cup)
2. fresh gluten free fettuccine with vodka sauce and prosciutto + fresh gluten free papperdelle bolognese
3. organic crispy chicken over basil hash browns and shaved brussels sprouts
4. flourless chocolate cake + crustless new york style cheesecake 
5. bolognese lasagna with fresh mozzarella + green market lasagna with seasonal Union Square Market vegetables (both made with fresh gluten free lasagna sheets)

And that's not even all of it. I also had an Asian pear and pine nut arugula salad that was quite frankly ridiculous. In a good way. But I don't tend to take pictures of salads since they're... salad. 

Humongous thank you to Erin of Gluten Free Fun for inviting us all to this dinner - It was beyond relaxing to sit down to a meal with 8 other Celiacs (plus one gluten-eater for good measure). Eating out doesn't feel like such a chore when you're all in the same, weird boat!

As for the menu itself, that's below - I stuffed by belly with all of the circled items. So like, practically the whole menu. You can also check out the gluten free menu on Tommy Lasagna's website here. Or when you go there. Because you should.  

PS. I heard a little rumor (a little rumor straight from the Chef, that is), that gluten free ricotta gnocchi will be a Friday night special... I knoooooooow.


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