Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Giveaway: Ola! Gluten Free Granola Sampler Tote

Somewhere, some time ago, I read an article that listed all the signs you're turning into a mom. No particular mom, just a run-of-the-mill, child-bearing female. One sign was having a constant supply of tissues in your purse. Another? Having a constant supply of snacks. 

Guilty on both accounts (plus MANY more). I am 25. At this rate, I'll be shopping at Talbot's before I hit 26. 

At the very least, I have Celiac to defend the food-smuggling. I would actually be really surprised if I dumped out someone with Celiac's bag right now and didn't find something to eat. No judgement, we all do it.

My purse-snacks of choice are, at the moment, almonds, packs of flavored almond butter, a banana, clementines, and fruit leather. The latest addition? BABY PACKETS OF GRANOLA. Gluten free granola. Can you handle the cuteness?

I first saw Ola! Granola at the GFAF Expo, and immediately fell head over heels for their 100-calorie packs of gluten free granola. Yes, I think you'll get along quite nicely with all my other snacks. 

Ola! comes in a handful of wonderful flavors like chocolate banana chip (my favorite), cranberry orange pecan, and even no nut vanilla. The granola isn't coyingly sweet by any means, and the ingredients are noooo nonsense: I can pronounce, identify and spell every one. Backwards. (Maybe. Have a feeling 'cinnamon' may trip me up.)

Want to try it? Ola! is giving away a reusable tote filled with the following:
  • One 9-oz bag of each flavor (four bags total) - Chocolate Banana Chip, Cranberry Orange Pecan, Vanilla Almond, and No-Nut Vanilla
  • One box (9 packs) of Vanilla Almond Grab-N-Go Singles
  • One box (9 packs) of No-Nut Vanilla Grab-N-Go Singles

Enter below! And if you can't wait or don't win (sad face), feel free to use code GFB2014 at checkout for free shipping when you shop online

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