Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Gluten Free, All-Natural SugarPuss Lip Balm (aka Cat-Chap).

Phone: check. Keys: check. Wallet: check. Cat-chap: check. 

Eric and I do NOT leave home without cat-chap. We have come back to the apartment to get the forgotten cat-chap. I have stolen his cat-chap after losing mine. We have legitimately bickered over the location of the missing cat-chap.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. We're addicted. 

Cat-chap is not its real name, of course. Just a nickname. Because I nickname things I love, like dogs and chapstick and my siblings. 

SugarPuss Lip Balm is the brilliant creation of my cousin Jackie. Before SugarPuss (coined for her cute kitty Lola who snapchats me all. da. time.), I accepted the fact that chapstick feels delightful for 20 minutes (tops), wears off, then leaves your lips drier than they were to begin with. Seems kinda silly, doesn't it? 

What I've learned via Jackie, is that this does not have to be the case. No sir-ee. Apparently there are lots of preservatives and not-nice things in mass-produced chapstick that cause it to dry out your lips. SugarPuss has none of those things, plus lots of GOOD things like shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e. I'm telling you, this stuff keeps your lips soft all day. It's pretty incredible.  

So incredible, that I would love very much for ten of you to try it out. Fo' free. Just enter the contest by telling me which one of the four types you want to try, and liking SugarPuss Lip Balm on Facebook. As a heads up, the three tinted ones (nude, lavender and sunset pink) are VERY sheer - as you can see in the photo of my claw hand below. So don't be afraid of how pigmented they look in the tube! (If you're a dude though, I'd stick with the natural/untinted. Though a certain male who I spend a lot of time with has been known to swipe on one of the tinted ones when we don't have an untinted version handy. Oops.)

I swear to my mother that your other drugstore chapsticks will end up in a sad pile in the back of a drawer somewhere. Which is exactly where mine are now. I don't think Goodwill wants them and I'm too indecisive to throw things away, so that shall be their home. 

My beloved cat-chap, however, has taken up permanent residence on my nightstand, in my purse, in Eric's pocket, and on my face.   

 SugarPuss Lip Balm Giveaway:
 10 Winners Receive One Lip Balm Each

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  1. I like sunset pink

    1. thanks Danielle! did you submit your answer on the giveaway widget? you'll also need to like SugarPuss on Facebook. let me know if you have any issues!

  2. I want sunset pink.


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