Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gluten Sucks, This Doesn't: WINE IN A CAN

This is a story about a girl and her cans. (No not that kind of story.) 

Here's a hint:

For four years of my life I ate so much pizza and drank so much beer. The pizza was ALWAYS dunked (literally - dunked. swimming.) in ranch dressing, and the beer was.. Well. Let's be honest is anyone picky about beer in college? Natty Light fished out of a murky tub of liquid that maybe possibly used to contain ice? Sure! Ok. I'll take five. #FITLIFE. 

Then, college was over and BAM: Celiac disease. Bye (normal) pizza, bye (normal) beer. 

Bittersweet timing, huh? Even though I was for SURE unknowingly doing some damage to my bod for a while there. (Sorry little villi please still love me!!!) It was really nice not to have to worry about all this gluten junk in college. For those of you experiencing Celiac in your college years (or younger), I want to give you so many hugs and gluten free pancakes. You are doing great. Keep it up.

At this point it's been just over 4 years since being diagnosed, and I'm pretttty used to turning down beer. (And bread. And all good things.) So when I actually get to drink something out of a can in a social setting it's SO EXCITING! Seriously. Put a canned alcoholic beverage in my hand and I'm the world's happiest camper (heh heh). It's the little things. 

Thus began my love affair with Union Wine Company. It started on Instagram after I posted this photo, then blossomed into a sweet, sweet online (but not catfish-y) friendship based on a mutual adoration of wine in cans. Why should beer drinkers get to have all the fun?

(Oh, um. A word to the wise - each can holds roughly two glasses of wine. So if you don't know this, and drink one full can on the train from NYC, you might be a little bit drunk by the time you meet your parents in NJ.)

I've brought these cans everywhere over the past few months - from the beach, to concerts, to the roof of our apartment building. But my favorite place I've kicked back with a can of vino is in the woods. All the photos here are from a most perfect camping weekend in South New Jersey with my fam, boyfriend, and our precious, hopelessly dopey Carl. (Despite the presence of a cheese plate, this was NOT glamping. There was dirt and bugs and peeing outside and stuff. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE.) 

Union Wine Co's Pinot in a can goes great with cheese (as does everything.) It also happens to play very nicely with grilled garlic bread (AH), portable backgammon, live guitar tunes from Jer, gluten free dump cake, and sisters on hammocks. Not once did someone say WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN WINE OPENER AND ALSO MAY I HAVE A FLASHLIGHT. Oh, cans. It's no wonder people drink stuff out of you.

If you're local, I get my wine-in-a-can at Bottlerocket in NYC. (It's a REALLY cool/different wine and spirit store with a super helpful layout, so if you haven't been you should check it out.) Here are some other handy sources for getting your canned wine fix:

Order online here.
Email info@unionwinecompany.com.
Additional info on Pinot in a Can here.

Bottoms up, and #pinkiesdown!

Disclaimer-smishclaimer: Union Wine provided me with some product after I emailed them completely fan-girling. Much of the wine pictured I purchased myself because I'm a grown ass woman.


  1. Best camping trip ever. Plus, I need wine in a can.

  2. This is a phenomenal invention--it reminds me of the wine that comes in a juicebox in Spain, but better. Totally on an official mission to find these in Boston!

    1. YESSS. spain has so many things going for it, juicebox wine being one of them. when were you last there? I studied abroad in sevilla in like '09 and am dying to go back!

    2. I studied abroad in Salamanca in '08 and went back to visit my amazing friend Liz (www.youngadventuress.com) in 2011 :) It's the BEST! Glad I got my study-abroading done in the pre-Celiac days ;)


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