Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide

1. Bread Srsly Gluten Free Sourdough: This bread made me think I died and came back to life in a world where there is no gluten, only perfect sourdough bread. Sadie, the owner, even sells gift packages with baby jams. Baby! Use code glutenfreeblondie for free shipping, and order before December 14th for holiday delivery. 
2. West Elm Textured Dip Bowls: I use these for EVERYTHING, except maybe dip. Go figure. They're perfect for appetizers, desserts, a few bites of reheated leftovers, and I even keep one on my nightstand to catch trinkets. They also come in metallic! Oooooo festive. 
3. Gluten Free Kitchen Floursack Tea Towel: How's this for a subtle reminder to keep gluten THE HECK AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN? :) Also vegan and paleo versions. 
4. Custom 'Screw Gluten' Keychain or Necklace: Tiffanie will stamp these keychains or necklaces with whatever you want. Seriously, whateeeeever you want. I chose 'screw gluten', but you can also opt for more... colorful language. $25 for any custom keychain (plus shipping), and $30 and up (plus shipping) for custom necklaces. You can place custom orders on her website, or by emailing her: Check out her Etsy shop to see the variety of shapes/sizes. Order by December 16th for holiday delivery. 
5. Gluten Free Cooking Class: With a quick google I found this list of gluten free classes in the NYC area, including a few classes at Haven's Kitchen in Chelsea. How about a gluten free cupcake & decorating class?
6. Pappardelle's Dried Gluten Free Pasta: Do you believe your eyeballs at all those different kinds of gluten free pasta! Until Pappardelle's I would have bet you about bazillion dollars that gluten free dark chocolate pasta and gluten free lemon basil orzo did not exist. Pair a few varieties of pasta with a jar of sauce, olive oil, or a big, pretty serving dish. (Home Goods will have all of the above for cheap.) Use code GFBLONDIE for $2 off your online order.
7. Wild Friends Flavored Nut Butter Packets: Stocking stuffer alert! I keep a packet of this nut butter (usually vanilla espresso almond butter and chocolate sunflower seed almond butter) in my purse along with a banana. Perfect when you're feeling hangry. Use code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off of your order. 

1. Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board: Because gluten free food (and any food) looks prettier on a big ol' slab of marble. Aaaand now you know that I don't have marble countertops. Love me still? 
2. Gluten Free Flour Blends: My favorite is Cup4Cup (dying to try the new Wholesome blend!). For an all-purpose flour blend that's free of the top 8 allergens, try BG Bakes. It's made by my friend Kait who is an actual bubble-girl, and makes the best protein muffins in all the land.
3. Pee-your-pants Funny Gluten Free Books: Erica and April are two of the funniest gals on the Internet, who also happen to have Celiac disease. Their books are Celiac and the Beast, and Gluten is my Bitch, respectively. I wish someone had handed me both of these books when I was diagnosed with Celiac. Sounds more fun than crying over medical brochures, no?
4. A Badass Ring Honoring their Favorite Gluten Free Food: I rock one that says Nachos, which are my other true love in life. Some other winners are Cheese, Hot Sauce, Burger and Sweatpants. (I know sweatpants aren't a food but I love them anyway.) Last day for custom orders is December 10th. Place all other orders by December 18th, and use code gluten for free shipping! (C'mon - who else lol'ed at the promo code.)
5. A Wildly Inappropriate but Hilarious T-Shirt: This one doesn't require much explanation. Plus, 100% of the profits go to charity, which is, might I say, fuckin' awesome.
6. Cookies Con Amore Gluten Free Italian Cookies: These classic Italian cookies are the kinds that you probably wouldn't make at home, and would stare at longingly in a bakery display. (Been there.) The assortment pack includes a great variety, and is perfect to put out around the holidays. Use code AMORE4GFBLONDIE for 20% off your order. 
7. Gift Card: I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that gluten free food is NOT cheap. Choose a grocery store that carries a variety of gluten free options (Whole Foods or Trader Joe's), or  pick up a gift card for their favorite gluten free restaurant. (Hint hint: Pala Pizza.)

Happy gluten free gifting! Anything awesome that I missed? 

BTW, feel free to buy me ALL THE THINGS.

Disclaimer-smishclaimer: no bribery involved in the making of this gift guide. I 100% dig every single thing on here from the bottom of my gluten free heart.


  1. I've totally been wanting to get a slab for my photos (numero 1), but then my photos will look like yours (yours will obvi be better).

    PS the person who designed my apartment building must hate natural light. Said individual is a food bloggers worst nightmare.

    1. duuuuude.

      a) i am the worst at commenting in a remotely timely manner.

      b) GET THE SLAB YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. and maybe like.... sneak onto a fire escape/roof/etc? hahaah good luck!!

  2. Awesome post! Love the list of goodies! What restaurant have you had the best gluten-free cookies? Remember to add it to your Besty List!

  3. Goodness I love,love these West Elm Dip Bowls Katie!I must make sense of how to use some of these little beauties in my home!Glad to see my love of ceramic bowls has spread to you. :)

    ~Stacie Hudson.


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