Friday, August 24, 2012

Adopt Me, Ina?

It's pretty much common knowledge that I daydream about Ina adopting me. (Don't worry Mom, you'll have full visitation rights so long as my new fam and I aren't busy entertaining the neighborhood gays or shopping for 'good' olive oil.)

In honor of my future as a Garten, I bring you my favorite .gif of the week. (For plenty more gluten free laughs, head on over to When I Went Gluten Free.)

When I Buy All the Ingredients for a 
Gluten Free Baking Project:

P.S. Jeffrey, mind being a doll and grabbing some gluten free pasta on your next errand? Thanks. Some flowers would be nice, too. Just make sure they go with this week's country-yet-refined table setting, or Mom will flip.

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  1. HAHAHA love this. I would like to be invited over when your adoption is finalized. Thanks!


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