Monday, November 19, 2012

Highlights + Bites: Week of 11.12.12

1. ate what is still my favorite appetizer (partially because I don't have to make it): pears with crispy prosciutto, goat cheese + honey
2. cooked up some apple and cranberry studded gluten free stuffing a week early (recipe here)
3. celebrated Friendsgiving by eating ourselves into food comas (goes without saying, but - friends who voluntarily make everything gluten free? the absolute best)
4. had a sappy little moment with my Jerry's bag; so many wishes + prayers that the shore gets back on its feet soon
5. got the shocking but completely thrilling news that our beach house in Ortley, NJ fared just fine during Sandy, aside from debris in the yard + water in the garage. blessed. 
6. lost count of how many weekend mornings have been spent at Friedman's. educated guess would be 87. approximately.

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